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Performing Arts

We are calling performing artists who would like to represent Guam at the Festival of the Pacific, beginning May, 2016.  The Performing Arts discipline for Guam FestPac will include 50 off-island delegates from across three subcategories: Dance, Music, and Chant.  Any artist with a connection to Guam but not currently residing there, is qualified to apply, working through the Chamorro Arts Network.

Interested candidates should register with Performing Arts, and attend meetings whenever possible. You will be added to the email list for information updates.

Prospective performing artists are encouraged to familiarize themselves with current art standards. Auditions will be conducted in 2015 in various locations. Although groups may be asked to audition together, choices will be made on an individual basis. Once chosen, delegates will be under the direction of the Performing Arts Chair on Guam, Ilene Meno or her designees.

It is a prestigious opportunity to be among the Guam delegation.  Once you arrive for the festival, you will be hosted with lodging, transportation and meals.  Travel to Guam, however, is not provided.  There will be significant travel discounts and fundraising opportunities to make this expense more manageable.  Early registration and participation in fundraising is encouraged.

Contacts are:

Heidi Quenga, Dance genre lead

Sandy Uslander, Performing Arts lead

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