Mirranda Salas


Mirranda SalasMirranda Salas was born and raised in the beautiful village of Malesso, and is the oldest of Daniel “Sonny” and Sandra Quinata’s five daughters.  After graduating from Southern High School, she moved to Portland, Oregon to attend the University of Portland, graduating with Honors with a B.A. in Psychology.  Although she has never officially moved back home since she left the island at 17, her entire family still lives there, and she has been fortunate to make it back to Guam just about every year to visit!

Mirranda has lived in Los Angeles since 2006, and in 2010, in a “destination wedding” to Guam, married her Santa Rita-raised high school sweetheart, Teddy Salas.  In 2013, they expanded their family to include a beautiful daughter named Felicity, who has already started her (hopefully) annual visits to Guam.  Mirranda has an M.A. in Psychology, and currently works at California State University Northridge on an NIH grant that recruits minority students for PhD programs in biomedical fields.

While at school in Portland, Mirranda helped to produce the first-ever “Guam Night” on campus, a joint effort by students from Guam to help share their island culture with new friends they were making from the Pacific Northwest.  After college, she volunteered for a full-time AmeriCorps program called Holy Cross Associates, and lived in South Bend, Indiana for a year working on a violence-prevention program for youth in the area.  Even in the Midwest, Mirranda was able to find fellow Guamanians attending the University of Notre Dame, and hosted them for Guam favorites such as estufao and latiya.  Since moving to Los Angeles, she and her husband constantly seek out new transplants from Guam and invite them into their ever-growing informal Guam community based out of Northern L.A.  Mirranda is excited to be part of the FestPac 2016 team, and looks forward to the intentional opportunities to help promote her Chamorro culture.

Mirranda Salas can be reached at mirranda.salas@gmail.com.

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